Make Your Coding Looser provides APIs for getting image URIs
from too many image sharing services on the web.

Welcome to ! is the best solution for accessing to the image posted on image sharing service. You can get images, thumbnails and originals, so that you can use it for various uses.


Regular Expressions
Examples of regular expression
You can use regex patterns to process permalinks on your clients.
Redirect Directly to the Image
Examples of redirect
Specify a parameter of the URI, it redirect to the image, so that developers and others can use for rich clients, web, and so on easily.
Three Different Sizes
Figure of sizes
It provides three sizes, so that you can use widely, for example, thumbnails and lightboxes.
Open Source Project
We have released under the MIT License, so that you can make a similar service and a mirror site.
azyobuzin/ on GitHub

Get Started

Just add a few lines to your code, you can show thumbnails on your application.
It is easy to use it! Read API document and start working.